Iran ‘digging 320,000 graves for invaders’

Iran has not invaded a single country in more than a thousand years.They have not suffered debilitating years of economic sanctions and are still strong.
Iran has a huge conventional arsenal with bombs that can easily reach Israel. It has an army of over 520.000 men and 300.000 reserves. it has an army of special forces trained in guerrilla warfare a 150.00 strong. They are ferocious fighters and they learned a great deal while defending their country against Saddam with his USA equipped army in the war he started upon instigation of the the US government.

All in all this is a country, 70 million souls strong and it will rally around it’s mullahs and Ahmadinajad no matter how much they do or don’t like him.

A senior Iranian commander says the country is digging some ‘320,000 graves’ in its bordering provinces for future slain invaders.

Brigadier General Mir-Faisal Baqerzadeh, the Head of the Foundation for the Remembrance of the Holy Defense, said Sunday that the decision had been approved by Iran’s Armed Forces Headquarters.

“We will dig 15,000 to 20,000 graves in each of the border provinces,” he said.

“We do not wish the families of enemy soldiers to experience what Americans had to go through in the aftermath of the Vietnam War,” added Brig. Gen. Baqerzadeh, who is also the head of the search committee for missing soldiers.

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4 thoughts on “Iran ‘digging 320,000 graves for invaders’

  1. I appreciate the fact that you leave comments on this blog and I was just a bit worried that the post might be interpreted as support for another godforsaken war

    My pleasure, It’s a great blog.

  2. I think you may have understood me there.

    As I state in the first paragraph; Iran has not attacked or invaded another country in the last thousand years. In this way they are a very peace loving country. But this does not mean they will not defend their country to the best of their abilities.

    They have armed themselves heavily because they have been attacked by Saddam who was armed by the USA. They will not attack but they will defend themselves ferociously. Something I think they are entitled to if attacked by the US.

    The rhetoric used by the states is the same as against Iran, they want the bomb, they want to destroy Israel etc.

  3. The first paragraph in your post reminds me of the days prior to invading Iraq.. the U.S. media painted the very same picture as you post here: millions ready to die… WMD… ferocious special forces…

    History does repeat itself.


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