Henry Kissinger and the 911 Commission

When the USA administration was finally forced to put together a commission to invesitgate the events of 911 more than one year and two months after the horrific events of that day they had an interesting choice in who would be heading the commission.

They picked Henry Kissinger. Now Henry K. is a man with a checkered past to say the least.

Allegedly involved in war crimes during the Vietnam era and a controversial political power broker and secretive hustler and today a successful business man and even now a regular advisor to George W. Bush jr.

So it was not unsurprising that the jersey girls who were instrumental in forcing the Administration into forming a 911 Commission were somewhat suspicious to say the least. They asked for a meeting with Henry K. and this is what happened:

Did you get the feeling when watching this that the Administration was intend upon really finding out the truth and about the independency of the commission?

If you want to know more about Henry K. The war criminal start with this video and connect to you tube for the remaining 7 parts: The trial of Henry Kissinger.

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