Downturn pushes more Americans to food banks

Still feel that New Zealand is an independent little Nation which has aeconomy not dependent on America’s fortune and willingness to consume more than any other people on earth? According to the Hamilton and Auckland foodbanks the people who need food is on the rise in NZ too.
With an artificially created international housing bubble by the international banking cartel of which John Key is very much a part off on the brink of collapse New Zealand will very much feel the pain. Who will suffer most? Hint: not John Key and his ilk.

This an article from

It starts like this: In the richest nation on earth, a rising number of people line up for free food because they are struggling to put meals on the table at home.

And this is why Kiwi’s don’t get how incredibly serious America’s collapse is: This news paper still calls the US the richest Nation on Earth. Perhaps they tell the NZ readers this to allow them to believe that America’s problem can be solved with some sensible wealth redistribution but the problem is far deeper and more troublesome. The problem with this is the fact that the US is a third world country that doesn’t know it yet.

America’s National debt according to the USA Debt clock now stands at
$ 9,373,358,571,137.62. That’s right, 9.3 Trillion dollars and it increases at the astonishing rate of
$1.34 billion per day. With all it’s production jobs outsourced,the housing market
collapsing killing of the building industry, service jobs disappearing  and a infra structure so dilapidated it is almost impossible to rebuild they only jobs now available are in the military industrial complex America is no longer the richest country in the world and this is not the USA going through a mere dip. This is an empire going through the full economic meltdown that ended the Roman empire and the English Empire and the Dutch Empire.

Demand at food banks in the United States is up 15 per cent to 20 per cent over last year and many food banks are having difficulty coping, according to America’s Second Harvest, the largest US food bank provider with 200 in its network.

Food bank networks procure nonperishable and fresh produce from suppliers, then stock it in warehouses before distributing it via a chain of community food banks across the country.

The total number of people who use them is not known but the upward trend is one sign of a US economic downturn in which soaring fuel costs and the rising price of other basic goods have pushed many people on low incomes or without jobs into hardship.

The banks say more people with steady jobs are turning up at their centers to wait in line, fill out forms and collect rations of free or reduced-price food. In a parallel development demand for government food stamps is also rising.

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