Now that I have your attention: more on WTC 7

CIA Director William Colby said:
“The CIA owns everyone in the major media!
Fri Nov 19, 2004 20:23

On the 7th of July 2008 the BBC will air a documentary about WTC 7.
The BBC has a history of airing very biased documentaries were it concerns the events of 911.
Until today no official explanation has been given as to why the third WTC building collapsed into its own footprint in a freefall speed of 6.5 seconds 6 hours after the Twin Towers on that fateful day. In fact the 911 Omision report did not mention WTC 7 at all. You would think that the collapse of a a skyscraper 47 stories high and the hight of the Auckland Skytower would warrant a mention in the official report wouldn’t you? As would the fact that CNN announced the collapse an hour before the collapse and the BBC announced it 20 minutes before the collapse with “Bizarely” the tower plainly visible in the background. Yet none of these strange and unexplained facts find their way into the official report.

Keeping this in mind it wont surprise you then that those of us who question the official account of events of that day are sceptical about this new documentary. What can the BBC tell us that the NIST can’t explain and that the official report did not mention?

So in order for you to be able to make up your own mind about what really happened with building 7 here are some newly released video’s.

First let’s watch the collapse one more time: Duration 9 sec.

If you want to see how the BBC announced this collapse and hear the explosions that actually were recorded as the building came down: Duration 6.5 minutes  part  of Italian documentary.

Finally I would like to introduce you to a man called Barry Jennings. Some of you may even remember him.
Barry Jennings was Deputy Director, Emergency Services Department, New York City Housing Authority for the world Trade Centre complex. An important function to have in such a huge Complex. When the first plane hit the building he was called and protocol demanded him to go to WTC 7 to meet with other officials in Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s bunker on the 23d floor.

When he arrived there he found the bunker empty what happened after that is perhaps best told by the man himself.

If he speaks the truth than his story which was confirmed by the man who was with throughout his ordeal than the official story again doe not match the available evidence.
If he speaks the truth about his ordeal than there was an explosion in building 7 before either of the Twin Towers had collapsed.

Remember that for a building to be brought down with controlled demolition tha base has to be removed in order to weaken the structure sufficiently to have it brought down with additional demolition charges.

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