Open letter to the Green party leadership

For those of you who missed it: Please watch the excellent lectures of the DU specialists at the bottom of the letter.

While the average New Zealander thinks that it is OK for New Zealanders to be involved in the war in Afghanistan, because we have to do our bit, nobody even questions why we are still involved in that war, why isn’t this happily liberated country on it’s way to a energised rebuild Democracy ready to join the rest of the world in freedom and an invigorated economy. No, we have to “stabilise the country”. Our corporate media bought and paid for by the military complex give us no information about what is really going on in that poor destroyed country because they don’t want us to know.
They don’t want us to know about the massacres, the corruption, the devastation and destruction and above all they don’t want us to know about the Genocide they are committing. Not just now but until eternity with the most evil of weapons of mass destruction: tonnes of Depleted Uranium contaminated with Radio active waste. DU has a half life of 4.5 billion years.

So in order to start reining our politicians in and to start a call for our troops to come home I urge you to Leave your name and town in the comment sector if you agree with my letter to leaders of the Green part

Evelyn Gilbert


Dear Jeanette, Russell and Keith,

I asked some time ago whether the war in Afghanistan could become an issue for this election and the response was negative. “Not very likely”, was the response from Mark for example.

I write to you again with the same question because as I write this New Zealand soldiers are exposed to the most monstrous weapon of mass destruction; Depleted Uranium.

Additionally they are exposed to enriched uranium because of the use of nuclear explosives used in the bombing of the Tora Bora region.

I have done some research into the use of Depleted Uranium and what I found was a monstrous ecological crime of truly Biblical proportions and with repercussions that will last 4.5 billion years. These repercussions will not be limited to Afghanistan or Iraq or Iran. They will come home to New Zealand with the soldiers. The depleted uranium dust will get into the atmosphere and spread around the globe, contaminating everything indiscriminately. Contamination with depleted uranium is a death sentence. American soldiers who had never seen battle because they were medics or support personnel have come back with DU contamination. From the first Iraq war veterans which were a little over 0.5 million troops, more than half of them are now on benefits, incapable of work and dying of radiation poisoning.

I have written a post on my blog that I hope you will read but I must warn you; the photos of what are known as DU babies are very graphic. These children are but a few of the monstrosities that were born in Afghanistan. Their DNA damaged by nano particles of radioactive waste resulted in horrific deformations. In Afghanistan alone more than 2000 tonnes of depleted uranium polluted with radioactive waste, the radioactive waste we were so scared about in the seventies and the eighties was used in the last seven years, added to that investigators have found huge amounts of residual enriched uranium in the Tora Bora area.

I urge you to investigate this for yourselves because I think it is inevitable that the Green party must bring the war in Afghanistan and the use of depleted uranium to the people and to Congress and the Green party must confront Helen Clark and Phil Goff on the issue of depleted uranium. The fact that Helen Clark and Phil Goff have seen fit to send more young men into this toxic illegal war makes them as far as I’m concerned complicit in the United States illegal wars for oil and should be sent to the Hague for crimes against humanity, because by now it must be evident that we’re not there to help the Afghanistan people but to help the United States in the destruction of the Middle East.

Because if we are there to help them than why do we stand by and let NATO and the United States army contaminate the two countries with DU while claiming they are there to free the Iraqis’ and the Afghans and to bring democracy to them.

I write this to you because as people with a conscience, who are in politics not for power but to make an honest difference in the way we treat our planet it should be unconscionable that we are working together with NATO and the United States army while they use depleted uranium which will kill civilians and combatants from both sides indiscriminately and for next 4.5 billion years.

Not to do so would make the Green party complicit in the biggest man made environmental disaster ever and the genocide of the Afghan people.

The Green party must also address the 300 ex military civilians which are currently stationed in Iraq.

In the first war in Iraq the United States military used 500 tonnes of depleted uranium, if you Google depleted uranium deformities or Iraq syndrome you will find that there is a huge problem in Iraq and with the US war veterans who start families of their own. The second war in Iraq to date has seen the use of another 2000 tonnes used in dense city centres and for carpet bombing this country in the bombing leading up to the second invasion.

There is no way Iraq or Afghanistan will ever be able to build up their countries again because they will not be able to have families without the constant fear of deformities in their offspring and cancers and other contamination illnesses. The American army has used DU in former Yugoslavia where it’s now beginning to show its effect, in the first Iraq war and in the second and in Afghanistan. They are intent on selling their toxic munitions and in fact most armies in the world already stock depleted uranium weapons and munitions, it is insanity, irrational and we have to fight it.

We are partaking in an illegal nuclear war of aggression in Afghanistan. And it has to stop.

These are some of the links I found to be very useful in completing the information in addition I have some links to videos, documentaries and all the scientists think of depleted uranium.

Sr Rosalie Bertell, PhD tells about what DU does in the body. The most complete site with a huge amount of information.

Documentary about DU and its effects. (Six part series)

This is what DU does to unborn children

And this is what a citizens tribunal thought of the use of DU in Afghanistan

Meet Doug Rokke A speech by Helen Caldicott on DU A lecture by Helen Caldicott just to remind everybody again how truly vile Nuclear power is.

She even gives New Zealand a compliment for its stance against Nuclear Energy. Please don’t let her down.

Kind regards

Evelien Gilbert

5 thoughts on “Open letter to the Green party leadership



    “…i hear the wind begin to howl….and the wind cries freedom…”

    Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. * * Albert Einstein * *

    The truth about 9/11 is that we don’t KNOW the truth about 9/11, and we should.
    Says Bowman: ‘If they have nothing to hide, why are they hiding everything?’
    And: ‘The most unbelievable of all the conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11 is the OFFICIAL conspiracy theory.’

    Transcending fear is a key, The Illuminati controlled us by fear.

    The Illuminates greatest fear is remote viewing because it can expose there evil plans into the future and past everything resides in the moment folks. Remote viewing is being suppressed because it will change the world power structure. Also it was discovered that remote viewing is an innate ability to all humans which means anybody on the planet can learn this once top secret mind skill.

    The End of Suffering Fearless Living in Troubled Times or, How to get out of hell free.

    Infinite Love Is the Only Truth: Everything Else Is Illusion

    As Gandhi himself said:
    “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

    Remote Influencing Reality and Thought Course

    Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Hate multiplies hate, violence multiplies violence, and toughness multiplies toughness, in a descending spiral of destruction. The chain reaction of evil must be broken, or we shall be plunged into the dark abyss of annihilation.
    – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    It is time to fire the liars.
    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is
    for good men to do nothing” .
    –Edmund Burke

    “Each of us is put here in this time and this place to
    personally decide the future of humankind. Did you
    think you were put here for something less?”
    — Chief Arvol Looking Horse —

    (first draft)


    Please send to all military for them to sign.
    Please send to all nations for them to sign.
    Please translate to all languages.
    Please feel free to change,negotiate or modify.


    1. Their will be great amnesty.

    2. All military will refuse to fight with one another.

    3. All country’s will refuse to fight with one another.

    4.All people of all nations will refuse to fight with one another.

    5. All military and nations will negotiate a world peace treaty that all will sign.

    6. There will be GREAT UNDERSTANDING for the guilty parties.

    7. There will be GREAT LOVE for all people of the world.

    8. There will be GREAT HELP for those in need of protection,therapy and deprogramming…etc.

    9. There will be GREAT FORGIVENESS for all so this plan will succeed.

    10. There will be no GREAT WAR then therefor there will be an end to war on GREAT EARTH.

    11. All nations will keep there present boarders.

    12. The worlds nations military and federal peace officers will provide real protection for secret society,devil worshipers,organized crime combatants who wish to surrender.

    13. There will also be real protection from all nations for the family members of these surrendered combatants.

    14.There will be a free will thinking DEPARTMENT OF PEACE IN EACH NATION to create great insight into solving problems in a peace-full manner.

    15. There will be no death penalty.

    Help create “heaven on earth” ………….mike w.

  2. The writer claims to have done research but then makes the following totally false statement “Additionally they are exposed to enriched uranium because of the use of nuclear explosives used in the bombing of the Tora Bora region.” There were no nuclear explosives used in Tora Bora and enriched uranium is not even used in the modern nuclear weapon even though they were not used. If nuclear weapons had been used in Tora Bora, the fallout would have been spreading over Pakistan and they would have complained very loudly. You also would see an immense crater where mountains once stood. Depleted uranium is NOT a nuclear explosive. I also see that Leuren Moret, another phony like Rokke (so do go visit the Files Section and read about Moret, Rokke, Durakovic, three of the arch liars) has a link to her 61 years of uranium wars bad science fiction piece. Moret begins with a forged document, possibly created by her, possibly by Rokke, most likely by someone in the anti-depleted uranium crusade, called the 1943 Memo to Groves which the careful reader will find does not even mention DU or depleted uranium and actually discusses f.p. fission products, the very high level radioactive waste that is generated in a nuclear reactor. This stuff has a very high radioactivity, short half-life and is lethal at the 100 Roentgen/Day exposure rate that is mentioned in the memo. I understand from a very reliable source that the memo is forged from four different Manhattan Project archive documents, but I now have to go UC Berkeley and look through 15 rolls of microfilm to find them. That’s a lot of work for a hobby. That’s right, fighting the lies about DU which are polluting the internet is a hobby; I do not work for anyone. I don’t even have a very good computer connection, but Rokke and Moret claim I am some sort of government agent working from the Pentagon. Rokke falsely claims to have worked in the Pentagon to get more credibility with the 9/11 Truth crowd, guess they pay better for personal appearances and the only time I was ever in the Pentagon, I was a tourist.


  3. Nothing like spreading lies that began with Saddam’s “I want out from under UN Sanctions so I can build some more palaces” whine. The photos are very graphic and horrible, but there is absolutely no connection between the photos and DU. It is a propaganda game, not fact. If you studied fact, you would learn that these photos probably all originated at the same time in the same place and keep being regurgitated on the net. I wish that I could track back to their origin; I suspect Iraq in 1998, when anyone who told the truth if it disagreed with the official government view could have their tongue cut off, be hanged or shot, nice choices for anyone who disagreed. Since then, the UN and the International Atomic Energy Agency have made detailed scientific studies in the Balkans and Kuwait. Start with the UNEP report on Boznia-Herzegovina the first link on this page – the Kuwait report link is there too, as is the link to using Uranium-Lead decay cycle to measure 1000 year old Antarctic ice. There is also a link to the UNs Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission so that Travellerev can learn what an actual WMD is. He and you may find that instructive as well. I think it is far better to have American tank crews who are still alive than to worry about DU that really has not contaminated much of anything and is really no risk to soldier or civilian. The IAEA report from Kuwait really proves that. I got into really seriously opposing the anti-DU crusaders and their lies when one of them, Douglas Lind Rokke decided to smear me all over the world; both he and I are are retired reservists, but he had to portray me as being active Air Force and picking on poor him “a civilian” when he trots out Major Rokke to all of the audiences he greets. He also wears Doctor like it was really something that had to do with DU when in reality his doctorate is in vocational education and the thesis, written after he claims to have been fatally exposed to DU dust, is titled – “Perceived physics concepts needed to teach secondary technology education as general education” and I have posted excerpts of this deeply scientific thesis in the Files Section at DUStory which you can view without joining by going to Message 57 (you already have a link to 55) and following the instructions to use the temporary user name and password. You will even learn about uranium glazes for pottery and if you would like to see a bright orange uranium glazed plate go to – Enjoy learning more about DU and finding out how full of lies the video links on this page are — if you have any questions, write me at


  4. Hi Helen,

    Neither did I until I started to read up on it. It truly is the most horrifying weapon of mass destruction.

  5. Please add my name to the letter to the Green Party. Thank you again for yourr research and hard work. I had utterly no idea how devasting and how widespread the use of DU is!

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