G. Edward Griffin on the Federal Reserve of New York

Just in case you missed this excellent Expose from G. Edward Griffin about the real nature of the Federal Reserve of New York and the Federal reserve system worldwide.
John Key was one of only four advisors to the NY Federal Reserve from 1999 until March 2001.

G. Edward Griffin is the writer of a book called The creature of Jekyll Island. It is one of the most detailed accounts of the history of the privately owned Federal Reserve of New York. The International banking cartel which has total control of the Western worlds money supply. Yes even that of New Zealand.

I met G. Edward Griffin recently, and had the chance to speak with him about our wealthy banker turned politician John Key, who was one of only four advisers to the Federal Reserve of New York from 1999 until march 2001. I described John Key’s career and told him that based on what I had learned about the Federal reserve I had my worries about his career chance and what it might mean for New Zealand to have a man who is such a wall street insider become the prime minister of our politically so naive country and he smiled and said, “let me put it this way; he is not an innocent, and he is probably prepared to sell NZ to his rich mates and throw in his mother with the deal. You can not go up as high he went in the banking world without becoming an insider.”
I asked him would it be possible that he was groomed by his rich buddies to become the next prime minister of Resource rich New Zealand, and he answered, “It has been done before.”

Yesterday, I listened to an interview with Daniel Estulin who is the best selling writer of the book on the Bilderberg group. The elitist think tank. He detailed the way in which the banking cartel wanted to separate Quebec from Canada in order to be able to form the American Union, and how they engineered the election of Brian Mulrony as the prime minister of Canada. John Key became a member of the National party in 1998 three years before returning to New Zealand. It is of course perfectly reasonable to plan your future career years ahead of schedule. It is what most people who are as career minded as John Key do, but why give up a perfectly good high paying career to go back to our backward country that according to John Key not even New Zealanders like enough to want to stay in, to become a politician. Someone who has a long desire to become a politician talk about these dreams, and stay in touch with the politics of their country. They are driven, like Helen Clark and Bill English, yet John Key pops up out of the blue and instantly becomes Nationals new poster boy and finance guru. Even his direct bosses at the Merrill Lynch bank were surprised at the sudden switch and thought he had a  mid life crisis. Given John Key’s Strange absence of political knowledge and the way in which he avoids to answer direct questions about National policy suggests an alternative agenda, one that could very well contradict the interests of the people of New Zealand.

I urge all of you to research the history of the  FRNY  and  to draw your own conclusion about the Wall street banker turned politician

3 thoughts on “G. Edward Griffin on the Federal Reserve of New York

  1. Hi there,

    I’m afraid that this is indeed a very bad time for all of us.
    The biggest plunder of Aotearoa is ahead of us.

  2. Hey, great to meet a kiwi who is aware of what Key is about. I quiver in my boots as we go into the election and the skimmer and looter is already ahead.
    Woe,woe and thrice woe. Goodbye Aotearoa.

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