The impossible plane crash in the Pentagon

For those who still believe the official Conspiracy theory about what happened on the 11th of September 2001 and who still think a plane was flown into the Pentagon by a young Arab man who went by the name of Hani Hanjour I assembled then next master class on 911 truth.

The official story tells it as follows: On the morning of 911 19 hijackers hijacked four planes and without any trouble manage to fly these planes towards their targets in two of the most defended airspaces of the world.
While in the year 2000 some 160 planes had been scrambled i.e. had jets send to them because they deviated from courses or were incommunicado for a couple of minutes these four planes who showed all the signs of trouble such as transponder turned off, deviating from their flight paths, and no communication with their pilots were allowed to enter two no fly zones and crash into their targets with the exception of flight 93 who appeared to have crashed in Pennsylvania after the passengers tried to overpower the hijackers.

It’s fairly obvious that two planes crashed into the twin towers but there are few problems with the plane that allegedly crashed in the Pentagon.

  • The hijacker who it was alleged to have flown the plane into the Pentagon was unable to properly fly a Cessna.
    Yet, we are to believe that he was able to fly a bloody great big 747 for almost two hours and crash it at full flying speed into the wall of the Pentagon without leaving a single mark on the lawn in front of the Pentagon.
  • Hani Hanjour who could barely fly a Cessna was able to make a manoeuvre with this huge passenger plane that a flight instructor with many years on these same planes could only copy in the flight simulator on the tenth attempt and none of his students could perform this manoeuvre at all. See here the flight simulator video made by a group called pilots for 911 truth. Their site is well worth visiting.
  • Hani Hanjour made this manoeuvre in order to hit the Pentagon in the opposite site to where he came from instead of just pointing the nose down and flying it straight into the Pentagon. If he had done so it would have hit the Pentagon on the site were Rumsfeld and all the higher up had their offices but by making this manoeuvre he hit a site which had just been strengthened to with stand just such an impact and was mostly empty, except for an accountant department which had just moved in after the renovation.
  • The whole that the plane left  after impact was a mere 16 feet  wide and there was no debris that looked like air plane parts.
  • Several witnesses, people who worked in the Pentagon and were military personnel  testified that they did not smell kerosene but cordite. They also testified to the fact that there was no big plane. None of this made the 911 rapport. You can find some of these people here
  • From the hundred or so video’s guarding the area all film material has been confiscated and only 6 frames of video have been released . They do not show a plane.
  • The official flight data, released to a group of pilots who were able to put this data together in a flight simulator does not match with the official story but it does fit together with a great many witness statements.

If this has made you curious I would suggest you watch this video, made by the pilots for 911 truth

Followed by this video made by a group of American citizens who work tiresly to document and verify all the witnesses they can find. This of course should have been part of a proper investigation but since this did not happen these people are the next best thing

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