Spain, Italy, Portugal join French fishing strike over fuel prices

And why is this not on the front page of our corporate owned News papers?
Could it be because there is a conflict of interest and the powers would not want to have the fire of indignation over the speculative oil price rises stealing money from decent hard working people spread all over the globe? Could it be that the powers that be who successfully culled the unions in New Zealand fear a  revival of the workers unions?

Fishermen from Portugal, Italy and Europe’s largest fleet, Spain, began open-ended national strikes Friday, adding to growing continent-wide protests at the soaring price of fuel.

French fisherman have already been on strike for two weeks, disrupting cross-Channel ferry traffic and blocking oil facilities.

Organisers of the actions in Portugal and Spain claimed a 100 percent response to the strike call, whilst more than 10,000 Italian fishermen joined the strike, according to unions.

“Compliance is total. The entire Spanish coast is at a halt,” said Jose Caparros, a spokesman for the fishing industry in Barcelona.

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