Afghans appalled Marines not charged in killings

Yep, liberating the Afghan people alright.

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Afghan officials expressed outrage Saturday at the decision by the U.S. military not to charge U.S. Marines involved in a shooting spree that left 19 civilians dead in 2007.


Maj. Fred C. Galvin, who commands the unit accused of killing civilians, will not be charged.

U.S. military officials said Friday that no criminal charges will be brought against two U.S. Marines officers in a unit accused of firing indiscriminately at vehicles and civilians after their convoy was hit by a suicide bomber March 4, 2007, in eastern Nangarhar province.

“I am very angry,” said Kubra Aman, a senator from Nangarhar. “This is too much. They are killing people. First, they say it is a mistake, and after that they let them go without charges.”

Afghan witnesses and a report by Afghanistan’s Independent Human Rights Commission concluded that a unit of Marine special operations troops opened fire along a 10-mile (16 kilometer) stretch of road, killing up to 19 civilians and wounding 50 other people.

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