Tim Selwyn’s promotion of my site.

Last week the NZ blogosphere list had it’s bi monthly update. This blog rose from 69 to 48 and Tim Selwyn felt inclined to mention my site as follows:

#48 Aotearoa a wider perspective – in this day and age of conspiracy this is the conspiracy HQ and I thought this type of thing would be a lot more popular. Not that I’m endorsing anything on there – it’s nutty.

As was to be expected this attracted comments such as this:

No but having a jumbo jet flown into them at speed usually helps. Next thing you’ll be telling us all the Jew who worked in the twin towers were warned not to show up on 9/11. I hope your pathetic conspircay (writting error in original comment) theories keep you warm in the “next paradigm” you sad freak. by equally predictable “anonymous”.

This morning I found a comment by Tim Selwyn under this post, it seems not my whole site is Nutty:

Some of the 9/11 stuff is nutty. Most of it is not, or else I wouldn’t have recommended this blog.

Here is my response:

Hi Tim,

You clearly promoted my blog as conspiracy headquarters and Nutty.
You did not make any distinctions whatsoever.
You did not say Good Real World News that we don’t see in our mainstream news and some thought provoking stuff about 911, and some of it is also a bit Nutty.
You condemned my whole site as Nutty, loud and clear.

In doing so you set the mood in which people visited this site and it is damaging to the emerging movement of people who are willing to ask real questions about what happened on 911. As a result I have been called a freak and had to deal with nasty comments and other waste of my valuable time.

After two years of fulltime study of the events with Scientists and professionals such as Architects, Engineers, Chemists, Physicists ex-military, Police and Journalist etc. we have accumulated a huge body of irrefutable scientific evidence that the “official conspiracy theory” is patently impossible.

Two Genocidal wars have started with 911 as it’s main argument and the US is ogling Iran next. These wars are both low level nuclear wars, and will contaminate these countries for the next 45.000 years.

Watch this film: Beyond treason; what you don’t know about your government could kill you.

So calling people who are asking questions about these events nutty is dangerous and counter productive. People like you should be on the fore front and fight prejudice and face up to the ridicule that faces people like me. Not doing so shows you up as weak and ignorant.

We need everybody with a brain, from both the left and the right.
And trust me both are well represented in the world wide 911 truth movement.
This is were left and right cease to exist and all of us have to fight an enemy that is bigger and more dangerous then we have ever had to fight before.

So for the sake of decent debate I invite you to point out what exactly it is that you think is nutty, instead of commenting thoughtlessly from you complacent left right paradigm website.

Educate yourselves and join this very, very important worldwide movement, demanding the truth about 911 and the end to the biggest anti-Semite Holocaust since WWII. (Yes, Arabs are all Semites)

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