Meet Richard Gage: Founder of Architects and Engineers for 911 truth

Dear New Zealanders who still believe that 19 hijackers of Arab descent were able to elude the worlds best air force for more than two hours to commit suicide by 747’s, after they had spend only months training in Chessna’s in a little town known for it’s white middle class pensioners in Florida, I would like to introduce you to a friend of mine. No, I have never met Richard personally but I regard him as a friend never the less. let me explain to you why:

Meet Richard Gage. Richard Gage is an Architect with many years of experience in building and designing huge steel framed buildings. You know, the kind of buildings like um, yes the Twin Towers in New York. The buildings that pulverised on September 11 2001 into powder in free fall speed in less then 11 seconds within 1.5 hours after impact of two planes they were designed to survive. The steel framed buildings that pulverised into powder together with WTC 7, the third building to collapse into dust into it’s own footprint in free fall speed later that day even though it wasn’t hit by a plane and had no firers hot enough to melt steel . The only three steel framed buildings ever to pulverise as the result of fire.

Richard Gage is a two time Bush voter and believed everything his Government told him in the aftermath of the horrors of 911. He supported the wars and he kept on designing huge steel framed buildings.

Until two years ago. Two years ago he was driving in his car to work and he was listening to his car radio. He was listening to an interview with a man called David Ray Griffin. David Ray Griffin was telling the interviewer about how it was scientifically impossible for the two Twin Towers to implode into dust the way they did due to Kerosene and the plane impacts. It was even more impossible for the third building WTC 7 to implode into its own footprint within free fall speed (6.5) like it had done on the same day in the same city as part of the same complex. The realisation that something was very wrong in the official story hit Richard like a brick and he had drive to the edge off the road and sit still until he could get his breath under control and his shocked nerves pacified enough to continue his trip.

It was the beginning of a journey to find out what exactly did happen to the buildings and when he had enough information he made a Power Point presentation and he started a group called Architects and Engineers for 911 truth. He and his colleagues are now trying to show this power point presentation to every other Architect and Engineer who is willing to listen to them. For his integrity and for allowing himself to wake up to the truth as I did, I call him a friend. As this group grows almost daily I thought that perhaps you would like to see his presentation too and it so happens that the presentation can be found on the Internet and I have put it up here so you can watch it:

If after watching this you still have trouble dis-believing the official “conspiracy theory”perhaps it would be a good idea to take this presentation to an Architect or Engineer friend and ask him about his opinion.

4 thoughts on “Meet Richard Gage: Founder of Architects and Engineers for 911 truth

  1. So why isn’t Gage demanding information about the TONS of STEEL and TONS of CONCRETE one every level of the towers? Is it possible to design and build a 110 story skyscraper without determining and documenting that?

    So why don’t we have a gravitational collapse analysis showing it is impossible for the top to crush the bottom in less than 18 seconds? The mass at the top must move the mass below and destroy the supporting material. Why is there so much silence from our engineering schools? If this could happen it should be simple to explain with all of the computing poser we have 39 years after the moon landing.

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