To belief or disbelief that is the choice

When you tell people that 911 was an “Inside job” or a “False Flag” operation you very often get a startled response followed by, “do you really believe that?”

I generally respond with, “It’s not about believing, I know.”

Depending on the nature of the person you are speaking with you either end up being called a “Conspiracy Nut” or you get a question along the lines of,” why do you think the attacks of 911 were an inside job,” or, “Well, who do you think did it then?”

If like me you’ve lost your patience in trying to talk to people whose immediate reaction is rejection then with the first category your conversation ends right there but when people are willing to ask questions I feel it is my duty to at least explain why 911 was an inside job.

My first problem in my communication with people who are willing to ask questions is that most of these people assume that you just think that 911 was an inside job or that you just believe that 911 was an inside job.

In steering the conversation towards thinking or believing, the conversation becomes one of conflicting belief systems and allows the other to reject information that might be too disturbing, and quite often the conversation ends with, “Well, you are entitled to your belief but I’ll stick with mine.”

In fact in an e-mail response from Keith Locke on an e-mail I send him detailing my worries about our continued involvement in the war in Afghanistan based on my knowledge about 911 he said exactly that, “I don’t share your views.”

Keith Locke is spokesman on defence issues for the Green party in New Zealand and knowledgeable on issues with regards to the Geopolitics of oil and I would have thought that he would be a little bit more curious about the events of 911 but there you have it.

The second problem is that people seem to feel that if you know 911 was an inside job then you must know who did it and while there is enough speculation in the 911 truth movement there is of course no way we are able to find out who actually perpetrated the attacks on New York and Washington. This is why the 911 truths movement fights for a new and independent investigation.

What we do know is that in the aftermath of the attacks of 911 two wars were started based on the argument that both countries one way or another had been involved in the events of 911 and that worldwide basic human rights have been limited or are taken away completely. We also know that the same group united in PNAC (Project for a new American century) and generally known as the “neo cons” wrote a paper detailing their desire for American hegemony which they thought was unlikely to happen unless a major event occurred like a new “Pearl Harbour”, was able to make use of the events of 911. This is not a matter of thinking or believing, this is a matter of fact.

The hardest in trying to tell people about what really happened on 911 is to make them understand that this is not about you thinking or believing in a “Conspiracy theory” this is about disbelieving the official “Conspiracy theory”.

Because that is what it is, just a theory.

Most people I speak to assume that the United States government has proof about the involvement of Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda but proof was never provided and other than the government’s conspiracy theory we have nothing solid to link the attacks of 911 to Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda.

For most 911 truthers going from believing to disbelieving is a long and painful process because as easy as it was, being hypnotised by the horrendous pictures of that day and the instinctive need to follow leaders and be part of the “Good Guy” team, to believe what the United States government told the world, the harder it is to face up to reality once to hypnosis starts to wear off.

The master of Propaganda for NAZI Germany Dr. Goebbels once famously said, “the bigger the lie the easier it is to sell.”

So if you are going to deceive your own population you better make it a whopper.

It is now generally accepted that the Reichstag fire was started by the Nazis themselves in order to establish Hitler’s dictatorship. The study of the attack on a German radio station near Poland revealed that the Nazi’s staged an attack in order to have an argument to attack Poland.

As I said before the process of going from believing to disbelieving is a long and painful one, and it involves making a choice. This choice is not about going from believing in one conspiracy theory to another but rather to dedicate yourself to find out the truth.

It is the choice to leave behind all previous conceptions about what happened on 911 and to start a journey of discovery. This means that you can trust nobody and nothing other than what you can determine to be fact.

That is the bad news; the good news is that the first thing you find out is that you are not alone. The moment you turn on your computer and you Google 911, the search machine returns with millions of hits. And this is where it gets difficult. You go through hours and hours of film, you read reams and reams of websites, you become a member of as many forums as you can find because once you’ve made that choice to dedicate yourself to find out the truth then that is what you do. And when you finally and irrevocably have come to the conclusion that the official conspiracy theory is the one with the biggest holes and is in fact scientifically impossible then your next step is to find out what really did happen. You become part of a community of people from all over the political spectrum, from all walks of life only dedicated to one thing; to find out what happened on 911 and to bring the perpetrators of this heinous crime to justice.

So rather than change your opinion or your view into a new belief you stop believing altogether: You start to disbelieve.

And once you’ve given up believing the official conspiracy theory you can never go back to uncritically believing ever again. From that moment on you only want facts: you want science, facts and provable timelines and above all, now that you know that 19 hijackers and a crazy man in a cave could not have perpetrated the attacks of 911, you want to know the truth about everything the United States government has been doing for the last seven years.

And while you’re at it you want to know who really rules the United States and the world because to belief in a functioning Democracy after the events of 911 becomes too ludicrous for words.

And above all you want to warn your fellow citizens about what you have found out.

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