Wir haben es nicht gewusst

When the Americans reached the concentration camps in Germany and found the prisoners, the horrific gas chambers, and the utter depravity in which the prisoners had been held, they hauled the inhabitants of a nearby town to the camps and forced them to look what had been happening on three kilometres away from the city centre in full view of the outskirts of the city.And the Germans said, “Wir haben es nicht gewusst, Wir haben es nicht gewusst, Wir haben es nicht gewusst,” over and over again. We didn’t know. Such is the strength of denial.

They didn’t want to know, even though in that particular camp German soldiers had mass murdered thousands of Jews by shooting them, which would have been clearly audible in the city.They didn’t want to be involved, there didn’t want to question their leaders, and the just lived their lives as if nothing was happening three kilometres away from the m.This is only one example of what was happening all over Germany. When we as children asked why the German people had done nothing to try and help those prisoners our parents answered, “the Germans said, “Wir haben es nicht gewusst.” We didn’t know.

Now, New Zealand is involved in an illegal war of aggression.New Zealand is involved in the war in Afghanistan, the “good” war.Last week Helen Clark and Phil Goff announced that upon request of the United States of America they would increase the amount of troops stationed in the Banyan province of Afghanistan.And the New Zealand people stand by, don’t want to be involved, and do not question your leaders.The war in Afghanistan was started a month after the events of 911, that makes the school almost 6 ½ years old, what should have been a short revenge attack to extract the alleged perpetrators of the 911 attacks and to give Afghanistan back to “the people” shows no sign of abating, in fact increase of troops from all the members of the “Coalition of the willing” it seems that we will be in Afghanistan a very long time.And it is not just the people of New Zealand who just and by, don’t want to be involved, and do not question the leaders.Additionally according to a Vietnam veteran friend of mine New Zealand has stationed 300 ex military in Iraq, so we may not be there officially with army troops so it seems New Zealand is very much involved with that war too.While most people recognise the war in Iraq as the “wrong” war, there seems to be something of a blind spot, a curious denial about the reality of the Afghanistan war.

Last week, two days after the announcement of the increase of New Zealand troops in Afghanistan a poll question was asked.

The question was; should New Zealand send more troops to Afghanistan.

Only two answers were possible;

A: yes, we have to do our bit.

B: no, Afghanistan is not our problem.

Neither one of these answers gives you much chance to reflect on the reality of the war in Afghanistan.Of course you want to do your bit, and let’s face it, if it wasn’t before it most certainly is that Afghanistan is now very much our problem.

But in order to understand what the bit is that we must do, and why it is that Afghanistan has become our problem we must understand why we are there in the first place.And we must learn what is really going on in Afghanistan.

In the next couple of weeks I will publish on this site a series of articles to give a better idea is to what is really happening in Afghanistan.We might not live three kilometres away from a place where genocide is committed, but there is the Internet, there is still journalist travelling in Afghanistan so we have no reason to avoid the reality that is the genocidal war in Afghanistan.There is no excuse for ignorance in this time an age and for new Zealanders to say, “I didn’t know” when this war is over.

2 thoughts on “Wir haben es nicht gewusst

  1. Just for the record, there were no gas chambers in any of the concentration camps in Germany (they were forced labour and transit camps). Nazi extermination camps were located in present day Poland and Ukraine.

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