Iran is next

Contrary to what is published in the mainstream press Iran has every right to build nuclear facilities for peaceful purposes. It signed the non-proliferation treaty and has opened its facilities to the IAEA in compliance with the treaty, even the Washington post had to admit to that. Compare this to Israel who has never signed any treaty but who illegally developed nuclear weapons anyway.

As for the alleged anti Semitic madness of Ahmadi Najad, again the corporate owned media did not tell the truth.
The often quoted rant about the destruction of Israel was a fraudulent translation. Ahmadi Najad referred to the Regime that currently rules. Ahmadi Najad has cordial relations with the Iranian Jewish population that have lived peacefully in Iran for hundreds of years and he has donated money to the Jewish hospital in Tehran not exactly regular behaviour for a rabid anti Semite. In fact Ahmadi Najad has cordial relations with groups of religious Jews worldwide.
Contrary to what most people believe the Muslim world and the Jews have no religious conflict. In every Muslim country there used to be flourishing Jewish communities. Pogroms and Anti Semitism happened only in the Christian world.  It wasn’t until secular Zionist Jews began to colonise the country we now know as Israel.  It was the maltreatment of the local Palestinian population that started the decline in the relationship that the Jews had with their Arab neighbours.

The Muslims accept Jesus as one of the prophets and have great respect for the Jewish religion since they believe that they are just the next step in the development of the Semite religion and that both religions come from the same arch father Abraham. Don’t believe me let these Jews tell you themselves.

The US has accused Iran of wanting to destroy Israel and of warmongering, but let’s remember that Iran has not attacked another nation in three hundred years. The only time Iran was at war was when Iraq attacked Iran with the assistance and weaponry (including poison gas and other weapons of mass destruction) of the US.  It would also be foolish to the extreme for Iran to attack Israel, since both Israel and its buddy the United States could annihilate Iran and whatever you may think of Iran is not a suicide nation.

Another fable perpetuated by the Corporate media about how the Iranian regime does not want to give its people freedom and democracy, can easily be debunked. It was in the last election that the Iranian people elected a more hardline government themselves, in response to the pressure of the US on their country.
In addition to this it was the US who actively destroyed the Iranian democracy when the CIA actively engineered the fall of Mossadegh.

So now that we have cleared up all these little misunderstandings let’s get on with the real reason the US Government wants to attack Iran, to prevent the already massive collapse of their empire, and to get their hands on the oil. Let me say that again; they want the O.I.L. and…  They want to protect very existence of the dollar as the reserve currency.

The powers that be want control over the oil of the entire middle east, and in case you think that this is a good thing let me relief you of that mistaken idea. Big oil does not want control of the oil fields so that it will be easier to access for us Westerners; they want control over the oil fields so that they can make more profit by making it more expensive.

Exxon and their ilk have been making a killing in the last 7 years. So if you think,”what do I care about a couple of dead “rag heads” in a desert somewhere, if the Americans get their hands on the oil, that’ll be sweet because they are the good guys and they will keep my tank filled,” think again, because they have no such plan, OK?

Not a lot of people in politically dangerously naive New Zealand know that Saddam Hussein didn’t lose his life because he was a nasty tyrant, the US was perfectly fine with that, but because he did something the US wasn’t fine with; in September 2000 he started to sell Iraqi oil for other currencies than the dollar.
This was unforgivable in the eyes of the moneyed elite of the US. The US dollar is the worlds reserve currency, and the sole source of the power that the US has. In order to buy gas and oil you have to pay in US dollars, this means that the world’s nations had to hoard huge amounts of US dollars, they not only used it to pay for gas and oil they used it for all international trade. This made the US the powerhouse it seems today. If Saddam Hussein were to get away with this it would mean that other oil producing countries might be tempted to follow his example and that would destroy US hegemony and its debt ridden economy.

It was the single most important event which triggered the wish to attack Iraq. The problem was of course that, they could not attack Iraq without a damn good reason, and for the rest of the world the decision of a political leader, even one as despicable as Saddam, to change the currency he was selling oil for, would not suffice. So the “Money party” did what it always does when it wants to have its way: it engineered a false flag attack on their own people to create consent for war. No let me correct that, if you are content to believe that 19 young Arabs ordered by a mad mullah in a cave in Afghanistan could defeat the US military machine than I won’t rob you of that dream, you have to belief in something and it is hard to admit that a Government or factions in a government would do something so horrific to their own people, even though there are numerous events that proof exactly that is what governments do if they want to go to war, but if you are even remotely doubtful that such a thing as a false flag event could indeed have been perpetrated than you owe it to yourself to check out this page and from there on do your own research

The 911 horror attack on the World trade centre and the Pentagon was a blessing or as Bush said’ “it is an opportunity“.

And sure enough, with the whole world (even Tehran held huge demonstrations against the attack and in sympathy with the US) grieving for the victims and in horror over what we had seen that day, America got what it wanted; permission to go to war, with Afghanistan, hell the whole world joined in with that one. We all hated the Taliban and it was right for America to want to get Osama bin Laden. Except, not only did they let Osama get away a couple of times Bush actually said he didn’t think that Osama was that important.

And as time went on we heard more and more how Saddam was connected to al Qaeda (in reality he hated Muslim extremists with a vengeance, because they were unpredictable, violent and a threat to his need for total control) yellow cake, WMD, nuclear aspirations and more which all turned out to be lies, lies and more lies. The quick removal of Saddam turned out to be nothing of the sort and for those of you who think that the US is going to leave Iraq I’ve got news; yep, you guessed it. 14 permanent military bases have been built in the last 5 years and the biggest embassy ever build is built in Iraq.

Oil prices have risen to a massive $ 105, a barrel even though the US controls the oil fields of Iraq. That in itself should be enough to convince the rest of the world that Big oil has no plans the ever let the price of oil come down. It could have helped the “liberated” Iraqis to build and develop its oil fields and rebuild the country and in return make a decent profit, but it hasn’t done that. In fact the country is in total ruins, 1.2 million people have died as the result of the war and some 3 million people are refugees. No oil is being produced since the war began. (Except illegally, robbing the Iraqi people of much needed revenues)

So were to from here? Well, downhill I fear. It seems Iran is next.
The smearing and the accusations have already started a long time ago and if it had been up to the evil twin in the White House Iran would already have been destroyed a long time ago. However, Iran’s cooperation with the IAEA, and the fact that more and more people were waking up to the Imperial exercise the current US regime is engaged in made it impossible for them to create enough consent for an all out attack on Iran. Another false flag attack was likely aborted when members of the military discovered that six lines nuclear warheads were flown over the United States in a spectacular breach of protocol.  As with the events of 911 the entire event was presented as a chain of errors, but in the aftermath six personnel related to the incident have died violently with no investigation is to why.

But, and this is a big BUT, time is running out for the evil empire. The hubris with which the powers that be entered into this unholy adventure thought that by now everything would have been done and dusted. They probably really thought that Iraqis would throw flowers at the soldiers feet and would happily give them control over the oil fields, and they probably thought that the Afghanistan tribes would be relieved to be free from Taliban fundamentalist rule, and they probably really thought that the Taliban once beaten would not dare to challenge the NATO an US troops. But they were wrong. And they are getting desperate. In order to remain in power and to keep the American economy, devastated by 7 years of war, with its population up to their noses in debt, and with absolutely no means to repay the worst National debt ever in human history, they desperately need control over all the middle eastern oil fields. With 70 million Americans wanting a new investigation in the events of 911, and a worldwide growing awareness that they lied to us about 911, Afghanistan and Iraq, the reason to maintain a diplomatic relationship with the rest of the world is eroding, and the raw need for control is slowly becoming more visible. Additionally as more and more countries are leaving the collapsing dollar and the Western worlds engineered housing bubble is collapsing exposing millions of people to losing their house, and the job loss due to outsourcing becomes more visible there is every reason to suspect that the true power brokers, the bankers and the corporate CEO’s who are often one and the same have every reason to fear that the American population, who up until now have been extremely docile, could rise up in an attempt to take to take their country back.

Today a Russian newspaper announced that Russian intelligence are reporting a massive build up along the Iraqi and Iranian borders, the report preparations for both an air and a ground attack on Iran.  Seems that the powers that be no longer care what the rest of the world thinks, and rumour has it that we can expect an attack on Iran around the 6th of April.
If you think that the finance world and United States policies with regards to him Iran or two entirely separate issues you might want to read this article, on March 20 the financial world declared war on Iran in its own way.

In the meantime not happy with the lack of success in Iraq United States military increased its bombing of the city of Basra in conjunction with an attack of Iraqi military troops in order to kill of its main opposition leader “el Sadr”.

There is nothing more dangerous than an empire in its death throws.


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