The housing bubble was engineered

Daniel Estulin  has researched the Bilderberg club for 20 years. One of the originators of this group was Prince Bernard of the Netherlands. His daughter Queen Beatrice is still the one of the ones in control of this group. She is my Queen since I am Dutch. It was common knowledge in the Netherlands that the Prince was into the big corporate world, was being paid big bucks for all kinds of secret interventions and power games.

Did the bankers know that the housing bubble was going to collapse into a  worldwide disaster?

Well, sensible economists  knew in 2002 and well before:

Click to access housing_2002_08.pdf

Bankers aren’t stupid, they’re greedy, they know and they plan:

In the meantime 60.000 houses were foreclosed in Los Angeles in one month alone:

While the American empire is collapsing how far are they going to drag us with them?

Don’t believe me, educate yourself.

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