The next speaker: the honorable Yuki Fujita.

If this conference will be remembered for anything it will without a doubt for the fact that for the first time a high profile member of a congress was present while scientists, engineers filmmakers and Journalists discussed the events of 911. A real world leader, the leader of the biggest opposition party of Japan the honorable Mr Yukihisa Fujita graciously consented to be present for the entire weekend. It was an honour for me to meet with this amazing man and speak with him about the events of 911. It a source of hope and inspiration to know that finally we are being heard by the people in power and we are being taken seriously.

Fully up and running with the 911 truth in all it’s horrific details, and the director of the committee for foreign politics and defence, he asked 19 pertinent questions about the events of 911. Present were the prime minister and members of his cabinet. He has since that day, the 15th of January, travelled throughout the world to speak with world leaders and politicians in Europe and the pacific regions. He is in good company since more than 30 his colleagues are with him

He is just telling us just now that he is supposed to bring out a rapport to these colleagues about this trip. This is amazing since it means that he has made this trip with the consent of the body politic of Japan.

I just asked Mr Fujita if the current anger about the Okinawa basis and the violence against Japanese women by US soldiers helped the Japanese politicians with bringing out the 911 truth. He answered that the rape of a fourteen year old girl and also the extortionate costs the  Japanese have to pay to support the basis are adding to the anger, he bases are used for the wars against Afghanistan and Iraq also the fact and that if the 911 events were pepetrators from within the US Government that the basis and their use should be rectified.

It has all been videoed and when the lunch break started and I accidentally ended up with Mr. Fujita and his party in the elevator he thanked me for asking that question and thought it was a good political question. I was rapped as you might imagine and he went on to tell his party that I was from New Zealand and was from Dutch origin. The memory of the man.

Oh and by the end of the first day he invited us all to call him by his first name Yuki. Imagine that us 911 truthers on first name basis with the man who could very well be the next Prime Minister of Japan. Not bad for us “Tin Foil Hatters” I dare say.

Anyway I’ll be armed with the DVD of this weekend and his speeches and I’ve got his calling card with his e-mail in my pocket so Helen Clark better be ready cause here I come. 

One thought on “The next speaker: the honorable Yuki Fujita.

  1. Outstanding, Travellerev!!!
    This is where you have been!

    Very good news from Sidney!
    Thank you!

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