Iti asks for evidence at trial to be given in Maori

 So I ask again, as Tame Iti stands before a court on fire arm charges, what was discussed when John Key met with Tame Iti two months before the raids. And why was John Key allowed to meet with Tame Iti in an isolated Marae without police protection in the Uruwera’s when Tame had already been under surveilance for well ove a year.

Something doesn’t add up.

Tuhoe activist Tame Iti has asked for evidence in his trial on firearms charges to be translated into Maori.

His lawyer, Annette Sykes, made the request to Judge Graham Hubble this morning, as all 19 people facing firearms charges in connection with the Urewera police raids were granted bail variations at the Auckland District Court.

Ms Sykes said she made the translation request because it was a language her clients “were fluent in”.

Judge Hubble set aside the entire month of September to hear the firearms charges, though Ms Sykes said that translating the English evidence into Maori could well push the trial into October.

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