Rapported to the electoral finance Committee

[quote=Baron Silas Greenback;112370]I feel it only fair to tell the OP that after reading your blog on John key and your clear agenda thinly disguised as research…I have reported you to the electroral commision as you have not clearly displayed your full name and address on your site. Best you correct that… as I am sure they will check it very soon.[/quote]

Hi Baron,

Geez, what can I say. You just behaved like a East German Communist tattler. In the east block they used people like you to keep the masses in check. Private citizens spying on private citizens and than telling the secret polizei. Well done, auntie Helen will be so proud of you.

But for your information:

I also touch heavily on the subject of 911 truth (I do not believe that 19 Arabs were able to stand down the US army and air force or that 2 Planes filled only partly with Kerosene was enough to collapse three buildings in free fall speed) On my site you will find and open letter to Phil Goff in which I state this and in which I state that if he does not follow up on this he and Helen Clark might be committing war crimes in an illegal war of aggression.

So were is my agenda.

I’m happy to address both parties. I state in my page on politicians and bankers that I don’t like any politicians.

I started this blog after a year of study (8 hours a day) of New Zealand politics in general. Midsummer last year I started this blog. I deal in facts, that is what research is, if you don’t like the facts than proof me wrong with facts instead of trying to shut me up with something so pathetic as tattling.

I have never voted in this country since I only arrived here 2.5 years ago.

Isn’t it funny that the people screaming the loudest that the EFA is about shutting dissenters up are the first one to use it do just that.

Very pathetic, very sad, very nasty, and very very small minded.

I will wait until they contact me and see what they say.

Proud to sign with my name:

Evelyn Gilbert

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