New Zealand: Labour government dispatches SAS troops to Afghanistan

On Tuesday the 26th of February the European Parliament will screen the movie: Zero, call for an independent investigation of 9/11. After the screening they will debate this topic, with Herr von Beulow(German representative)
Mr Fujita.(Japanese senator from the opposition party) David Ray Griffin (American 911 truth professor in theology)
The three of home have expressed serious doubt of the official conspiracy theory.

As more and more scientists, architects, engineers, Chemists, Pilots and firefighter leaders investigate the events of 9/11 more and more inconsistencies in the official story emerge. Next month some of these self appointed investigators will tell their story in Sidney during a conference organized by 911truth Sidney.

I found this article. It is two years old but still very relevant.

Following recent talks with the Bush administration, the New Zealand government announced earlier this month that 50 Special Air Services (SAS) troops will be sent to Afghanistan at the beginning of April for “long range reconnaissance and direct action missions.” The deployment is initially for a period of six months.

The return of New Zealand’s elite front-line troops to Afghanistan—following a previous year-long deployment during the US-led invasion—is a direct response to US pressure for support for its current military operations on the Afghan-Pakistan border. The New Zealand SAS will join 11,000 US troops in a coordinated hunt with 70,000 Pakistani soldiers for top Al Qaeda and Taliban leaders and to suppress the ongoing armed opposition to the US-backed regime in Kabul.

Labour Prime Minister Clark justified the decision by saying she wanted Afghanistan to get the chance to “rebuild” so that it did not become “a failed state where people like bin Laden and friends can operate freely.” She believed “the eye went off the ball in Afghanistan through 2003” and there was much to do to make up “lost ground.” Clark reversed her previous policy of keeping SAS troop deployments secret for “security” reasons. While not going into detail, she said that they would be working with soldiers from other countries and contributing their skills in reconnaissance, surveillance and tracking.

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