Capitalism in an Apocalyptic Mood

‘Political donations are corrosive when the donors seek to influence outcomes, and directly taint or corrupt an impartial process. The potential remains today to buy legislation.”

When I made these comments in my maiden speech last May, I did not expect the situation could deteriorate even further. Many in NSW now believe that “vested interests” have the ability to not only buy access to the Iemma Government but also the power to buy legislation. The time has come for change.

At the last state election only 77 per cent of people voted for a major party, which is well down on 20 years ago, when the figure was more than 96 per cent. For the first time, fewer than 40 per cent of people got their first choice as government. The message is simple – something at the core of the system is not right.

The people worked it out long ago – the system is failing because it is no longer about people and services but is about donations and paying back vested interests. We are increasingly seeing the Americanisation of Australian politics where governing for all has been hijacked by those who buy access to ministerial offices or powerbroker tables.

The obscene levels of TV advertising in the last federal election are proof enough of a system out of control.

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