What was the private meeting about?

On the National website Bill English yesterday admonishes Helen Clark for having a private meeting with Owen Glenn and requests to know what the two have been discussing.

I agree with him, being open in politics should be a must. However what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

So I would like to request to be informed of the content of two private meetings John Key had last year with what I would call controversial parties. One of whom might represent a conflict of interest.

  1. Why did John Key meet with Tame Iti two months (August) before the Raids in the Ureweras and what did they discuss in an isolated Marae?
    Why was John Key alone with Tame Iti while Tame was already under surveillance for the previous year and did the police put down in writing that Tame did not present a danger to John Key? Why did the taxpayer have to pay for a $8 million costing surveillance if Tame Iti and John Key could meet in conditions that would clearly be irresponsible towards John Key if the allegations of Terror were indeed true. ?
  2. What was discussed in the meeting that John Key had in October 2007, when “he met some of the most powerful fund managers in the City of London gathered in a smart conference room at Merrill Lynch’s London office, in the shadow of St Paul’s cathedral, to discuss the state of New Zealand’s economy over breakfast?
    The star of the breakfast was Key, the currency poacher now hoping to be elected gamekeeper. 
    Why did John Key find it necessary to talk to his old task masters, his bosses at Merrill Lynch or are they still perhaps his task masters now?

I think it is very important to get answers to both these questions. If John Key flies out of New Zealand to meet with some of the most powerful individuals in the world than I think we have the right to know what is discussed. If John Key can meet somewhere secret and remote with the man who is under surveillance because he is suspected of preparing an attack on the very man he talks to than I think it is very important for us to know what is being discussed.

2 thoughts on “What was the private meeting about?

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  2. I can tell you what they were talking about….the NWO(new world order) and New Zealand taking it’s last steps to being fully under it with Key as the governor.

    All talk of democracy and sovereignity is redundant if a nation doesn’t have sole prerogative over it’s own money supply.

    DSC 08.

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