Barry Corbett favours the death penalty for tagging.

No judge or jury required. Just a knife and a 50 year old bully will do the job.  

No sympathy for dead teen tagger.

By CHARLIE GATES – The Press | Wednesday, 30 January 2008

A 50-year-old man charged with the murder of a teenage tagger in Manukau should be allowed to “get away with it”, Christchurch City councillor Barry Corbett says.

Bruce William Emery has been charged over the fatal stabbing of 15-year-old Pihema Clifford Cameron in Manurewa on Saturday night. The stabbing allegedly happened during an argument that began when Pihema was about to tag a fence.

“If I was on the jury, I would let him get away with it, but that is just me,” Corbett said.

The comments have been criticised by city youth workers.

Corbett made the comments during a council debate over whether to introduce bylaws to tackle graffiti, vandalism and substance abuse.

After the meeting, he said he did not know the full facts of the case, but he stood by his remarks.

“Everyone is feeling sorry for the kid and his family, but if the kid was not tagging, he would still be alive.”

Project Legit manager Miriama McDonald said the comments were “silly and emotional”.

Project Legit deals with problem taggers by educating them about street art and is funded by the council.

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2 thoughts on “Barry Corbett favours the death penalty for tagging.

  1. Charming. Let me be equally callous in stating that if the bully hadn’t stabbed the kid he would not be going to jail. If you think that it is OK for a mature grown up to stab a kid of 15 for spraying some paint on a wall and whose brain hasn’t fully matured yet, than that is very sad indeed. If you think that the consequences for a kid who spray paints a wall should be the chance to meet with instant death by anyone who cares to administer it you are even sadder. However since you state that every action should have consequences I feel that since we are a society of law and not a society of the law of the jungle that the 50 year old bully should see the inside of a prison for a very long time. Maybe he meets people who believe that the law of the jungle is how it should be and maybe he has the chance to learn how it feels to be administered some of that by people who are stronger than him as he was stronger than the kid. Now that would be poetic justice wouldn’t it.

  2. Corbett said this and has support this shows a lot of the public are sick of taggers.

    The fact of the matter is if he wasn’t tagging that fence he would have still be alive, the taggers actions put him in the position of danger. That is a fact and has nothing to do with if the should or shouldn’t have killed him.

    The moral of this story is don’t disrespect people or their property as some will overreact and go way to far dishing out the punishment.

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