A light introduction to the events on 9-11-2001 in New York

I know that for many Kiwi’s the terror attacks of 9/11 are long in the past. They are accepted by most as perpetrated by 19 young extremist Arabs send to their death by a madman in a cave. But how could these 19 young man evade the CIA and the FBI for years and than hijack four planes and fool the trillion dollar air defence system for two hours while successfully attacking the WTC and the Pentagon? In some of the most protected air spaces of the world.

The NIST rapport and the 9/11 committee rapport left many Americans and especially the families of the people that died that day with too many questions unanswered, and to this day they are trying to find out what really happened the day their loved ones died. As I write this USA polls show that some 85% of the American people do not believe the official story.

And questions remain. In this PDF sourced at the Journal for 9/11 studies a very fundamental question is asked: How much fuel was there in the planes anyway?

How much fuel was there actually in the planes and would it have been sufficient to pulverize the Twin towers.
If after reading this PDF you come to the conclusion that the minute amount of Kerosene (when compared with the huge mass of concrete and steel of the WTC buildings) was not enough to pulverize the buildings that you too must have some questions about the official story.
And what about building 7 (The third building to collapse that day, without being hit by a plane)? The only steel framed buildings to ever collapse of a fire were the three buildings on 9-11.

 232 Architects and engineers plus 567 Architects and engineers students and others want answers  to these questions. They are not alone, it turns out that 9/11 sceptics are not so crazy after all.

Why don’t you meet some of them.

If you think that these are not important questions, because this all happened in the past, than let me remind you that everything changed after 9/11/2001.

Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Anti- terror laws, the scrapping of fundamental human rights all over the planet, the patriot act, and the terror raids on the Ureweras, local Eco-activists and political activists could not have happened without the 9/11 attacks

If this has piqued your interest that google ;911 truth, and do your own studies.
And may the force be with you.

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