Key’s Tuhoe trip questioned

Ok, so the police spends $ 8.000.000,- of tax payers money to investigate alledged “terror activities”in the Uruweras. They have been investiging for over a year. One of the “targets” was; National leader John Key.
And than two months before they decide to invade and arrest the alledged perpetrators, John Key visits an isolated Marae were he meets and speaks with; wait a minute….. the alledged leader of said terror group, Tame Iti. Alone! No police protection! In fact; the police states in writing that the area is save for “target”John Key to travel in and meet with Tame Iti.
I smell something nasty here. No wonder John Key stayed calm when told of the threat on his life.(travellerev)

Questions are being asked over why police did not accompany National Party leader John Key on a visit to the Ureweras when it was known there was an assassination plot against him.

The alleged plot against the National Party leader, and other politicians including the PM, was made public in material published in two daily newspapers on Thursday.

In August Key made a trip to a remote marae in the Ureweras where police say paramilitary-style training camps were operating and firearms and explosives were stored.

ONE News has been told the Diplomatic Protection Squad – which handles security for senior politicians at parliament – knew about the plot.

But they didn’t tell National and in fact provided advice in writing that it was safe to travel to the area.
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