Monster wind farm would be one of world’s biggest

While I greatly applaud wind energy (coming from the flat windy low-lands of Holland) in local sustainable wind farms that accommodate small communities and don’t affect the environment to the point of destruction, I fail to see why these monstrosities have to do with a sustainable society. They don’t replace dirtier forms of energy, they make life for tens of thousands who have to live around these industrial plants miserable. They destroy ecosystems and farmland and their communities perhaps not with chemicals but with noise, movement and the sheer size of the mills to support an unsustainable growth in the face of perhaps the worst economical collapse the world has ever seen in the near future, only to profit corporations AGAIN. This, my friends has nothing to do with sustainable energy, but everything to do with the need for ever expanding corporate activity. Watch the video “Money is debt” and you realise that they have to because if they don’t there is nothing left.

Contact Energy's proposed wind farm could be the biggest in the world. Photo / Dean Purcell.

Contact Energy’s proposed giant wind farm south of Port Waikato, with 218 turbines standing 150m high, could be among the biggest in the world.

The project will cost up to $2 billion and have the potential to produce up to 650MW, enough to power about 250,000 homes.

The world’s largest wind farm, Horse Hollow in the Texas panhandle, generates 735MW, although plans for a 1000MW farm in Australia were recently announced.

The Port Waikato turbines would cover an area of 320sq km, 35sq km bigger than Great Barrier Island.

Spokesman Jonathan Hill said it was hoped construction of the wind farm – which will be known as Hauauru ma raki, meaning northwest wind – would be well under way by 2010 and completed by 2014.

One thought on “Monster wind farm would be one of world’s biggest

  1. I don’t believe the people of that area have been informed properly. I’m from Christchurch, but I live in Auckland and commute to the Waikaretu Region because of my partner.

    There was a meeting on Sunday with the Wind Farm Company, who spent most of their time dangling a carrot (dollar signs) and promises of employment in front of their eager faces.

    It disheartens me to see a beautiful countryside about to fall prey to the big corporate world, which is trying it’s hardest to squeeze what it can out of our poor hardworking folk. Who many see as a way out, a great financial gain.

    When really, what is $9million dollars really worth! Especially if it’s going to paid out in yearly installments for 35 long years.

    I wish people would wake up, and smell the truth behind this sly fox who will be cashing in, once again.

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