Central Banks to the Rescue With an Economic Bailout

This from quote Martin Hutchinson on the lively Prudent Bear site:

“Once upon a time, governments didn’t do rescues. The great Robert Banks Jenkinson, Lord Liverpool in a prime ministerial speech to the House of Lords during the 1825 speculative bubble, said: ‘I wish it however to be clearly understood, that those who now engage in Joint- Stock Companies, or other enterprises, enter on those speculations at their peril and risk. I think it my duty to declare, that I never will advise the introduction of any bill for their relief; on the contrary, if such a measure is proposed, I will oppose it, and I hope that Parliament will resist any measure of the kind.’”

Times have changed. Now, central banks rescue everyone. Part of the reason for this is that they think they have gotten better at it. Another part of the reason is that people expect it of them. And finally, not doing rescues got a bad name during the Hoover administration.

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