US Economy Headed for Recession as Housing Bubble Bursts

Posted by Dr. Kurt Richebacher on Sep 14th, 2007
“America’s income-short, consumer-led recovery is the aberration – not the norm – in this Brave New World. It is all about ever-declining saving rates, ever-widening current account deficits, mounting debt burdens and increasingly wealth-dependent consumers. It personifies what I believe is one of the most precarious macro models that has ever existed for a major economic power.”- Stephen Roach, Morgan Stanley Economist, April 4, 2005

Private households in the United States have embarked on their greatest borrowing binge of all time, fostered and facilitated by the rampant house price inflation and a most aggressive financial system. What has been developing in the balance sheets of private households, therefore, is a race between booming “wealth creation” through rising house prices and soaring indebtedness.

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