The Real Cost of a Picket White Fence: 3 Housing Factors to Think About; Prices set at the margin, income discrepancies, and bubble euphoria.

After drinking water out of the bailout fire hydrant, I think most people are scrambling to get an idea of what is happening. An issue placed on the back burner by many politicians is suddenly garnering massive media playtime. Amazingly, Americans in a large percentage are against any bailout talks or consideration. The nationwide MSNBC and a local station KTLA ran unscientific polls asking the questions, “do you support a government bailout for the mortgage industry?” The answer was a resounding NO. In fact, from a brief review of these polls 95 percent of Americans are against any form of corporate welfare. They realize that deep down this is only a ploy for the government to subsidize maverick hedge funds, Wall Street circus acts, renegade brokers, and Vegas inspired buyer gambling.

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