Smashing Capitalism

 Barbara Ehrenreich  Somewhere in the Hamptons a high-roller is cursing his cleaning lady and shaking his fists at the lawn guys. The American poor, who are usually tactful enough to remain invisible to the multi-millionaire class, suddenly leaped onto the scene and started smashing the global financial system. Incredibly enough, this may be the first […]

Domestic Use of Spy Satellites To Widen

Law Enforcement Getting New Access To Secret Imagery By Joby Warrick Washington Post Staff Writer Thursday, August 16, 2007; A01 The Bush administration has approved a plan to expand domestic access to some of the most powerful tools of 21st-century spycraft, giving law enforcement officials and others the ability to view data obtained from satellite […]

Mercenaries Bill first reading speech

I move that the Mercenary Activities (Prohibition) Bill be now read a first time. I propose that the Bill be referred to the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee. This Bill contains legislation needed for New Zealand to become a party to the International Convention against the Recruitment, Use, Financing, and Training of Mercenaries, which […]

Exclusive excerpt: The Road to 9/11: Wealth, Empire, and the Future of America

By Peter Dale Scott Terror, oil and the “shadow government” In this exclusive excerpt from his powerful new book, The Road to 9/11: Wealth, Empire, and the Future of America (Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press), UC Berkeley professor emeritus Peter Dale Scott asks whether there is a connection between America’s historical use […]

The Economic Tsunami

By MIKE WHITNEY “If the world’s central bankers accumulate fewer dollars, the result would be an unrelenting American need to borrow in the face of an ever weaker dollar – a recipe for higher interest rates and higher prices. The economic repercussions could unfold gradually, resulting in a long, slow decline in living standards. Or […]

Liquidity woes hit more lenders

Several mortgage lenders have seen their shares slump amid fresh concerns over the impact of global credit market turmoil on liquidity. Firms have seen the credit squeeze – prompted by woes in the US sub-prime mortgage market – hit their ability to refinance debt. Australian lender RAMS closed down 37%, while US firm Countrywide has […]

The Mercenary Revolution: Flush with Profits from the Iraq War, Military Contractors See a World of Business Opportunities.

By Jeremy Scahill From the August 15, 2007 issue | Posted in International | Email this article By Jeremy Scahill If you think the U.S. has only 160,000 troops in Iraq, think again. With almost no congressional oversight and even less public awareness, the Bush administration has more than doubled the size of the U.S. […]

96 F&P workers lose jobs to Thailand

5:00AM Thursday August 16, 2007 By Derek Cheng  Fisher & Paykel managing director John Bongard. Photo / Richard Robinson About 100 Aucklanders at Fisher & Paykel – some who have been with the company for more than 20 years – will lose their jobs in the latest exodus of manufacturing production to South Asia. The […]

Key backtracks on medicine bill

By Audrey Young    State Services Minister Annette King is seeking a meeting with National leader John Key to “start again” on a joint transtasman therapeutics regulatory agency. She made an approach to his office yesterday after controversial comments he made to the Herald that appeared to change National’s position – something Mr Key denies. […]