US Dollar Warning – This is going to dramatically affect you …

Larry Edelson writes: By every measure under the sun, the dollar is getting creamed, just like I told you it would.

It recently hit a 25-year low against the British pound … a record low against the euro … a 12-year low against the Thai baht … and a seven-year low against a third-world currency, the Philippine peso.

In terms of overall international purchasing power, the dollar is now at its weakest level in decades.

Warning: This is going to dramatically affect you!

It means your money now buys less food and energy than it has in decades.

It means inflation — which is already running near 10% based on most people’s experiences — is going to rise even higher.

And it will impact every investment under the sun.

Some, like hard assets, will continue to shine. Some that have been getting creamed will turn around and ride the inflationary wave higher. Some that are rising now will suddenly collapse, catching unsuspecting investors off guard.

My Research Tells Me the Dollar Can Plunge at Least Another 20% in Value

This won’t happen overnight. In fact, there are bound to be rallies in the dollar. For example, we saw the greenback bounce a bit yesterday after it plunged on Tuesday. But over the next two or three years, I expect the dollar to lose at least another 20% in value … perhaps as much as 40%.

For investors who fail to prepare, it will be a disaster. For those who do, it will be a bonanza. Here are some things you absolutely need to understand …

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