The War Camp in Death Throes is Intent on Striking Iran

By Mehrnaz Shahabi 25/05/08 “ICH” — The most aggressive posturing and accusations against Iran, yet issued by Washington, signal the rapid closure of the window of opportunity for peace which opened up following the release of the US’ National Intelligence Estimate in December 07 concluding that there was no evidence of a nuclear weaponisation programme […]

Iran Is No Threat, Unless Bush Makes It One

by Muhammad Sahimi In one of the most embarrassingly absurd, historically baseless, and astonishingly one-sided speeches any U.S. president has ever given, President Bush compared Iran to Nazi Germany in his speech to Israel’s Knesset. In doing so, the president repeated the same diatribes that Norman Podhoretz, the godfather of the neoconservatives, and Benjamin Netanyahu, […]

War pimp alert:Bush Launches Economic ‘Shock and Awe’ on Iran

by Chris Floyd Global Research, April 10, 2008 ChrisFloyd,com – 2008-03-25 Email this article to a friend Print this article In recent days, we’ve been noting stories indicating a definite “surge” in the Bush Administration’s drive toward war with Iran. First, the Saudi government revealed – one day after a visit from Dick Cheney – […]