On War and Bravery: James Blunt Sings No Bravery.

With the new attacks on Mali’s “rebels”, the news that doctors are being killed so they can’t help the victims of the bloodshed in Syria and the rape and mayhem perpetrated by the “rebels” there, financed by the international war mongering banksters I thought I’d post this song from none other than James Blunt who wrote it in the aftermath of his service in former Yugoslavia. Another NATO war mongering adventure designed to try out the “New war on terror” and it’s new weapon of mass destruction Depleted Uranium.

This one is personal to me because I traveled through the former Socialist republic to visit childhood memories and to see what was left of it after the war and I saw with my own eyes the tank tracks which had churned up the paths of the camping we were staying at, the coast littered with bullet riddled burned out houses and the graves beside them. In fact the scenes of the tanks driving past these houses was filmed there as there is no other landscape in the entirety of Yugoslavia like that than that coast line. I saw the burned out buses and the burned farms and in Zagreb I saw the bullet holes in the walls of the flat buildings and while there were no children holding up their arms and the tanks had left but the sadness that pervaded the entire Nation was palpable. I saw women with empty eyes walking like robots trying to get on with their lives and empty streets with the bullet holes still visible everywhere. I saw bitterness and grief and people trying to make it through the  day with to much booze and chain smoking cigarettes.

Where as a child I had seen laughter and music and markets full of trinkets and people prepared to give you a bag with food to help you on your travels only because you stayed on their camping and tried to speak their language and people happy to have some luxury and peace and healthcare for free there was now emptiness and anger and incomprehension. Even I could not understand how the Yugoslav nation had been manipulated and divided by people hell bent on fracturing that Nation for their own purposes at the time.

And a couple of years ago a friend we met when we traveled there was diagnosed like so many with small tumors which in her case where lodged in her brain and around her eyes and this is the suspected result of Depleted Uranium particles lodging themselves in her body. My friend lost her husband just before the war because he committed suicide. He was a Serb and she was a Croat and he did not want to bomb the people he had come to know as Yugoslavs regardless of their ethnicity.

I dedicate this song to her and all the people who are caught in wars not of their own making and who are perishing because we are unable to  call our “leaders” to task and allow them to continue their murderous and greedy policies of scorched earth the likes of which we have never seen in our entire history.

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